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I think, though, that I've finally done it, at least well enough to get by. That, though, is between me and Lisp, and isn't any sort of judgment on the language itself Posted by Dan at I almost exclusively use gnocl now and run constantly into extensions that work perfectly well without Tk but treat Tk as if it were a part of Tcl.

Anyway, annoying code, but code that must be done. Figuring out those three things is important, and once you've got them most of the hard work is done. I joke about it at times my initial exposure to objects was less than wonderfulbut the religious fervor and "OO is the way to go.

This is, mind you, a president that gets incensed at being compared to Hitler For those folks who are fuzzy on their WWII history, in the democratically elected president of a major industrial world power whipped his populace into a patriotic and mildly paranoid frenzy and invaded a weaker country that wasn't actually a threat.

I expect there to be rather a lot of That's engineering, and there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Leaving things out, though, can be done by accident. It might help with debugging, I suppose. I like the flavor of coffee, and it's nice to get some that isn't brewed from burned beans.

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NET is windows only. From my point of view, having a single solution that supports both GUI and non-GUI objects is a good thing, not a bad thing. We can capture it any time we want, if we've got a mechanism to make sure what we've captured doesn't get altered. It's a singly linked list conceptually of control elements.

At the moment, that's no big deal, since I don't use the wireless internet at Starbucks It's from T-mobile but I'm looking to start, as I'm spending a good piece of my time working from home, and it's less distracting than my office at home.

What bugs me is the off-hand dismissal of the challenge, with the stated assumption that Parrot has no chance, and there's no way we can win. The feature has been considered and discarded.

I think I've found one. A language with closures makes a garbage collection obligatory as well, though since the JVM and.

NET is that it wasn't out when we started the design, at least not such that we knew anything about it. I'm not sure if C does 'em now there was no indication in any of my.

I don't have a link to the python-dev discussion handy, as I'm off-line That doesn't bother me--I've met Guido a few times, and while I don't know him as such, I like him well enough, and I'm not in the least surprised.

To do continuations is non-trivial, and I don't think it's possible to do in the JVM or. Might not be enough, but at least it's something--the exclusion is purposeful. If those float your boat, great--they never made sense to me. Also, it would seem like natural extension to have a zero-arg constructor e.

The rather flip answer in the Parrot FAQ which I wrote--it's a good bet that any of the flip answers in there are mine doesn't really explain things, so it's time I sat down and did so. Some hardware devices require polling, but they're generally broken as well, often by design.

I don't want to think about how slow that would go.

Is there an advantage to having the type name in the generated name. A detailed project roadmap that is part of the platform provides step by step guidance to the student towards writing a small operating system from scratch. What we really need is twofold. Is this cost huge. When the function exits, the stack pointer is readjusted and the stack space is freed up for the next function call.

The latest Tweets from Snit 🌈 (@GreenGreen). I am a deceased cat. please stop killing ghounds, foxes & badgers! My fur brothers are @ernestthekitty @whippet_wilf & Chase whippet.

middleshire. Description edit.

Snit's Not Incr Tcl (Snit for short) is a module of tcllib. Somebody go write one!! RLH: Is there a comprehensive tutorial for Snit somewhere? WHD: At present, the Snit FAQ is the closest thing there is to an on-line tutorial.

There's a possibility that I might be doing a half-day Snit class at the Tcl conference in. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Closure Techniques for Narrative The Common Core Writing Book, p.

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Write a description of non-closure snit
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